Direct Rock Measurements

You drill blast holes all day every day. Take advantage and measure high-resolution geophysical data of your orebody.

Small seismic while drilling sensors are easily installed on the drill string above the deck. A set-and-forget device.
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Real-Time Results

Using highly advanced signal processing and machine learning tools, the sounds are transformed into rock mass characterization.

We do the heavy computational math in the cloud so you can easily access your orebody knowledge from any smart device.
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Mining Analytics Solutions

DataCloud transforms your new advanced measurements and other massive data sets into actionable insights.

If optimizing production is your end-game, start with rock mass characterization during D&B operations.
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Explore the Benefits

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Reduce ore and coal loss
Enhance grade control
Increase throughput and production
Improve fragmentation profiles
Accelerate cycle times
Lower production costs
Strengthen social licenses to operate

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