How many production challenges can we solve with
advanced orebody knowledge?
DataCloud Mining Operations Data Analytics MinePortal Optimization
Massive Dataset Integration to Analyze Operational Performance
DataCloud Mining Operations Drill and Blast optimization Drill Data Analytics
Empowering Collaboration with a Single Source of Geology Truth
DataCloud Mining Operations Drill and Blast optimization
Adaptive Blasting for Improved Fragmentation
drill and blast operations blasting explosion rocks everwhere
Eliminating Bottlenecks to Increase Production
DataCloud Coal Seam Detection Void Detection Drill and Blast optimization

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Integrating and analyzing geo-data across all stages for a holistic view of the rock. Teams can access insights in real-time to make faster decisions for greater impact on production.
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Our advanced geostastical and machine learning algorithms digest your data sets in a cloud-based software to automatically process insights and continually update your models.
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If your geology data is not sufficient, robust, or accurate enough our Seismic While Drilling IoT sensors can quickly be installed for a set-and-forget measuring device
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