CEO, Thor Kallestad, Appears on Mining Technology Partner Podcast

Listen to see how high-resolution (1cm) rock properties stream from the drill to any device!

DataCloud´s CEO Thor Kallestad discusses the incredible cost reducing and profit increasing advantages for mine operators through the use of cutting edge technology. By simply unleashing IoT Sensors and AI platforms on drills during production, mines can easily access real-time information to optimize mineral extraction.

DataCloud’s latest innovations, RHINO™ and MinePortal™, enable differential blasting, fragmentation optimization, reduced dilution, drill to mill efficiency, and ultimately, increased productivity. RHINO™ is a breakthrough geoscience logging tool for production drills. MinePortal™, is an earth model platform, cloud-hosted AI processor of RHINO™ data, and raw information from the drill, that visualizes in 3D for real-time decision-making. Based in Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Western Australia, DataCloud uses these technologies to advance grade engineering.

Listen to the Podcast

CoreHub Meet the Innovator: Thor Kallestad, Chief Executive of DataCloud

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