Join Our Virtual CIM 2021 Presentation on Cutting “Waste” from Weekly Production Meetings

Cutting “Waste” from Weekly Production Meetings: Smarter Data Integration, Visualization, and Reporting

Steven Putt - Director of Mining Software Solutions

Date: May 5th Wednesday, CIM 2021 Conference

12:00pm - 12:30pm EST (Technical Programs, Pit to Port track)

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What Will Be Discussed?
Steven will help you minimize production meeting prep work by showing you a better way to handle data.

A directory of spreadsheets at your mine site is digitized data, but it is not an appropriate data structure for free-flowing data integration that leads to automation. Steven will present one way to restructure your data that will automate reconciliation reporting at your mine site. To cut waste from production meetings, a crew must tap into a production database with a platform like Power BI or MinePortal. We set up both for our clients, and he will show both in this presentation.

Reconciling your production plan with actual performance sounds simple. Still, this can take hours of work a week to manually dig through spreadsheets and build a new excel sheet to log and share that information. Steven will walk you through a set of steps to reconcile actual and planned performance that will set your team up for a single source of truth and viewing your data in a spatial format. These are the foundational first steps for end-to-end optimization.

Which Data Should Be Structured Differently?

An infographic of all the datasets that a mine site needs to cross analyze to make data driven decisions from the mine to the mill to increase revenue.

It depends on your goals. Steven will present two examples. Their details are below.

Ex. 1: Blast Optimization
Tweak blast spending for the desired dig rates.

Blast Hole Drill Data

Blast Execution

Dig Rates

Ex. 2: Mine to Mill Optimization
Blast and blend to create a consistent, high throughput feed.

Blast Hole Drill Data

Blast Execution

Dig Rates

Grade Control

Mill Control System

Not attending CIM this year?
Please Email Lindsey to schedule or recieve a similar presentation for your team.

Who Benefits from Attending?

Mine Superintendents tired of scrambling to find out what went wrong and explain it to the rest of the team

Mine Managers needing an analysis of performance across the mine with real-time quality control

Senior Drill and Blast Engineers wanting to know how each blast hole's hardness has changed from the geological model

Planners that would benefit from a risk analysis of each blocks predicted performance at the mill

Biography of the presenter:
Steven's mission is to help production crews quickly find out what happened and get managers, geologists, and engineers on the same page. He has worked at over 40 mines across North America and Australia. He uses his Mining and Minerals Engineering degree to its full extent with a passion for automation, data management, and production performance diagnostics. His career began with BHP, developing processes to track equipment and material. He has worked on continuous improvement projects for Dyno Nobel, Rio Tinto, Kinross, Orica, Barrick, Newmont, and ArcelorMittal.

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