Cut Your Costs by Reducing Coal Loss

mineportal decreases coal loss by analyzing blast hole drill data and machine learning geology

Inefficient coal recovery is a common industry problem. Studies have shown that mines typically lose between 16-20% of their coal during open pit mining operations.

If we reduce your met coal loss by 3%, that’s a savings of $21M a year – if your mine produces 7M tons a year with a strip ratio of 10x and a stripping cost of $10 per ton.

What We Deliver

To help clients reduce losses and improve recovery we deliver the following four solutions, in near real-time:

Through seam strata recognition during single and multi-pass drilling

Geostopping the drill bit at the top of coal seams

Provision of rock mechanical properties to optimize use of explosive energy during blasting operations and improve fragmentation

3D visualizations of the subsurface

Field Results

Our proven technology delivers fast, accurate, and automated coal modeling eliminating gamma needs and design delays. The DataCloud Platform (left track of each blast hole log) correctly identifies metallurgical coal without the need for Gamma Ray (lime green lines) and where MWD (right track behind lime green lines) misclassifies coal as carbonaceous material.

results from terrain versus mineportal, datacloud technology picked coal more accurately

Cut Your Costs by Reducing Coal Loss

Rock mass evaluation solutions provided by the DataCloud Platform can improve mine site economics in the following three ways:

Reduce costs for mines with wash plants operating at full capacity

Increase revenue for mines with extra capacity at their wash plants

Accelerate your drill and blast cycle times with increased certainty about coal / waste contacts

cutting coal loss with data driven decision making and void detection

Our CEO, Thor Kallestad, will be at Austmine 2019 this year speaking with met coal clients. Contact us s to schedule a meeting with him face to face.May 21-23 Brisbane AUS

DataCloud Opens Offices in Vancouver

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