DataCloud Launches RHINO Solution to Enable Differential Blasting and Drive Productivity for Mine Operators

DataCloud has announced that it is launching RHINO, a breakthrough geoscience logging tool designed for the global mining industry. RHINO uses advanced Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, seismic-while-drilling (SWD) techniques, and artificial intelligence (AI) to measure previously unavailable rock properties in real-time.

DataCloud is unveiling its new RHINO solution during the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) 2018 Convention & Expo that will be held May 6-9 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

With the extremely high resolution rock data generated by RHINO, mine operators can now develop and optimize differential blasting plans that produce significantly improved fragmentation profiles, driving greater productivity and profitability.

“DataCloud is building transformative technology like RHINO to empower mining companies to materially improve their performance and productivity so they can own the future,” said Thor Kallestad, CEO and Co-Founder of DataCloud. “RHINO™ is a game-changer because it significantly improves blast fragmentation by providing the previously unavailable geoscience insights required to optimize blast hole spacing, explosives loading, and detonation timing decisions.”

“By combining best-in-class cloud, IoT and AI technologies into powerful, proven mining solutions, DataCloud is developing the geoscience measurement techniques and processing workflows that we believe represent the future of highly productive and more environmentally-aware data-driven mining,” added Kallestad.

DataCloud will be exhibiting in booth 1444 at the CIM 2018 Convention & Expo in Vancouver. We invite you to visit us at CIM to see a demo of  RHINO and learn more about DataCloud’s transformative mining technology solutions.

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