The Power of Tracking Ore for Your Continuous Improvement

The silver bullet for steady-state throughput at the mill is steady-state awareness of operations.

Equipping a mine site team with continuous updates of their orebody and performance helps them make upstream decisions that improve downstream production.

A graph explaining how optimizing upstream improves downstream with less cost.

+ Which department can spend more to see a multiplied return at the mill?
+ Which department can cut spending while maintaining throughput?

To answer these questions, we constantly track the ore's characteristics and operational performance across a mine site. Our software, MinePortal, helps each department fully understand how their operational decisions for particular ores affected mill throughput.

With this constant feedback loop of updated orebody knowledge and operational performance, teams course-correct to improve throughput regardless of the inevitable variations in geology, operator decisions, and equipment changes.

This ore tracking approach is how DataCloud empowers teams to improve continuously.

infographic connecting site wide data sets into a cloud solution

When we refer to the phrase "ore tracking," we mean our version, an automated drill to mill ore property and operational performance tracking solution. There are three parts to this DataCloud silver bullet:

1.  Integrating and analyzing geology and production data
2. Tracking specific ore from its block to the mill
3. Automating the process for repeatability

We build digital workflows that optimize all departments for maximum throughput at the mill. Our goal is to give crew members a high level of visibility into their operations with an easy way to report on the performance.

DataCloud's ore tracking solution accelerates your digital transformation goals while reducing your workload. MinePortal analyzes how different ore types and operational decisions affect throughput.

Infographic connecting all geology and production data from a mine site into the cloud for mine to mill optimization.
Graphic of cloud software for mine sites to have a single source of truth for all their data.

Customizing MinePortal to Support Your Specific Production Goals

DataCloud configures MinePortal to continuously receive new data from each relevant operational source at the appropriate frequency for your goals.

Our data scientists take care of the complex but crucial data preparation process to ensure your continuous improvement goals succeed. Data structuring, cleaning, and connecting are the foundation for automation and analysis.

MinePortal pushes the right information to the right person at the right time with notification texts, Power BI reports, and an interactive 3D view of your operations. Our platform empowers team members to make data-driven decisions that greatly improve productivity.

Operational data layered on top of each other to create a stack of integrated data sets for mine site geology and production.

Three MinePortal Features that Keep Operations Smooth

1. Blast and Blend Intelligence: goal-specific solutions we built from integrating and analyzing the most impactful datasets.

2. Automated Reporting and Alert notifications: helpful digital workflow components that keep teams on track.

3. Data Cleaning and Machine Learning: the data science handled behind the scenes by team DataCloud.

Read more about these
MinePortal Features.

What Makes Us Different Than a Consultant or Another Software Provider

We build practical, digital workflows for miners with clear, actionable steps to optimizing.

Once the setup is complete, your data is digitized, automated, integrated, and visualized, allowing teams to reap the benefits repeatedly, without added work.

Read more about our hybrid approach.

Venn diagram of a DataCloud hybrid approach; we develop digital solutions, we apply data science and we know mining.
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