DataCloud Unveils Breakthrough Rock Image Processing and Interpretation Solution

DataCloud’s new DigitalGeology™ solution is a turnkey image processing and interpretation suite that provides mine site geologists and engineers an intuitive method of understanding fracture networks and block size distributions in their rock. It makes use of powerful cloud computing capabilities, sophisticated processing algorithms, and artificial intelligence to quantify key geological parameters and optimize blast planning.

DigitalGeology™ identifies fractures, joint sets, spacing, and discontinuity distributions, all of which together make it possible to tailor burden and spacing to actual rock properties, rather than assuming a consistent, uniform grid for blast hole patterns.  DigitalGeology™ allows mine operators to quantify key geological parameters and optimize blast planning, thus drastically improving productivity.

To learn more about DigitalGeology™, check out our new video.

Leveraging Advanced Technologies to Dramatically Improve Mine Productivity and Profits

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