DataCloud’s Response to COVID-19

Our New Normal Doesn’t Have to Be Socially Distant to Be Physically Distant

Doing our part to flatten the curve is the least we can do. The structure of our company was already work-from-home friendly. Team meetings were regularly online, and our solutions are remote operable. It is physically easy for us to stay productive during a shelter-in. But, as the stories flooded in from our loved ones who work in restaurants and hospitals, our privileges were highlighted.  

We knew we needed to do more. There are many out there that do not have work from home options. And the physical ease with which we can shelter-in, will never be mentally easy.  

We turned to our headquarters in Seattle, Washington for suggestions on where to donate to local causes in addition to the more obvious global ones. CID Relief is helping Seattle’s International District stay afloat during a time when Chinese restaurants will have additional unfair challenges keeping their doors open.

We are also doing our part to address the anxiety and loneliness that comes up during these times. Other than making sure employees reach out when they have concerns, we’d like to make sure all of us have the tools needed to mentally survive this. For example, we are enjoying virtual happy hours for employees, clients, and partner companies. We hope to see you at one of them!    

The Cloud Connects Us Now More Than Ever

We’ve been 100% Microsoft adjacent for some time now.  Our solutions are cloud-based and built atop Azure. We are taking full advantage of Teams, Power BI, and Sharepoint to ensure our projects with clients are delivered on time and in full force. The integration of our virtual office with Microsoft technologies will help keep us moving forward with our solutions. We hope you also have applications in place to continue your efforts working from home.    

We are dedicated to helping build the infrastructure for the future of mining while continuing to participate in flattening the curve. We understand the importance of keeping morale up at the virtual office and reaching out to the mining community to see how we can help.

Don't Lose Hope

If there is something we can do for you, let us know.

Email us at  
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And find joy in the little things, like how often the Brady Bunch gets brought up in meetings now.

- Team DataCloud

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