How Our Mine to Mill Tracking Solution Unlocks $20 Million at a Mid-Size Hard Rock Mine

A copper/gold mine that produces ~35M tonnes annually could have a yearly value opportunity upwards of $20 million if the mine can increase production and reduce costs. Optimizing with mine to mill tracking unlocks efficiency from drilling, to hauling, and processing, resulting in the annual $20 million value opportunity. Our software opens up at least 30% of the opportunity, $6 million, by the end of the first year.

How exactly does mine to mill tracking optimize and how is our approach different from others?

MinePortal integrates all necessary data to find thresholds, bottlenecks, and best paths forward for blasting, blending, and processing. Our mine to mill optimization approach aims to reduce explosives cost for best fragmentation profile, blend optimally to increase throughput with the same amount of energy used at the mill, and reduce recycle rates. Below is our five-prong approach. We implement each of these five tactics simultaneously under one roof, MinePortal.

1. Analyze rock properties and their behavior at each stage
2. Measure how your modifications affected each stage
3. Continuously track ore and behaviors to optimize further
4. Predict upcoming ore changes and how they'll behave
5. Work alongside your teams to make optimization easier

We’ve talked a lot about how having data at your mine site is not enough to optimize. It is the processing and analysis of multiple sources of data that gains a site-wide understanding of your ore properties and their behaviors at each stage.

You can’t find bottlenecks and revenue opportunities by manually looking through siloed data. Data itself needs to be processed, cleaned, connected, and analyzed. This requires software, like MinePortal, which can compute massive amounts of data and uses machine learning to intelligently organize and analyze the data. We start by advancing orebody knowledge with production drilling data before we track the ore through each stage downstream. This action opens up half of the $20 million value opportunity at your mine site.

To truly utilize all the value MinePortal can add to your site, you will also need to modify operational behaviors in the field using the insights from that data analyzation. This step opens up the remaining half of the $20 million value opportunity.

MinePortal analyzes your data in the cloud so your answers are available in time to alter decisions. What does that mean for your operation?  When all teams are working from a single source of data they can modify their behavior with context. We have seen huge benefits from incremental modifications being implemented across all stages. They add up!

For detailed information on engaging your employees read our co-authored article with Nyrstar's Solutions Architect, Ian Vaughn in Canadian Mining Magazine.

MinePortal continuously receives new data and updates your insights according to how your operations are impacted from geology changes. It sets up feedback loops for all teams involved so they know how they are doing in real time. This piece is crucial to keep production on target to grab the available $20 million value opportunity.

After a behavior is modified, our software measures those actions again and notifies the team if that modification was enough or too much for the end-goal. Using software capable of continuous monitoring will provide continuous benefits.

For a detailed example of how we track ore through each stage watch our CIM Webinar on tracking through the coarse ore stockpile.

While our machine learning algorithms have already intelligently mapped out rock properties and their behaviors in the first three prongs, it is important that we also predict properties and behaviors. This step fine-tunes a production team's ability to optimize fully; preparing is less costly than reacting to unknown variables.

MinePortal will predict your throughput and recovery with any variation in your geology. With our software, teams alter decisions based on the integration of historical reconciliations (the past), incoming new geology data (the present), and machine learning geology predictions (the future). The algorithms gain more intelligence over time and predictions become so accurate that the mine site's predicted outcomes are near identical to actual outcomes; the true mission of a digital twin.

To read more on this topic check out our article in International Mining, 'DataCloud Bridging the Mining Industry’s Data Divide'.

You won't be doing this alone, we’re here to help. DataCloud does an extensive solution build for every client based on their specific production goals.

We're here to help your mine site achieve global corporate digitization goals and ensure your team meets their local production goals. We continuously work behind the scenes so your mine site data is working for you. MinePortal prepares many champions to be on board, so you don’t feel a void if someone leaves. The software is user friendly and does not require a data science degree to use and benefit from. New crew members will be able to pick up your goals quickly.

Let's get you that $20 million.

Smart Blasting Article in CIM Magazine and the Concept of Zooming out

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