IoT Sensors in Mining

Where are They? Trucks, Belts, Shovels and Now, the Drill.

IoT sensors are peppered throughout the mine to mill workflow. They track locations of trucks, predict faulty equipment, and here at DataCloud, we have developed one to install on a production drill. The rock properties our IoT sensor measures are centimeter level resolution and that data is analyzed in real-time by the software within the DataCloud Platform. Our technology provides crucial orebody knowledge while you drill blast holes.

Why on the Drill? Optimize Fragmentation and Improve Grade Control

We recognize the importance of extraction efficiency. The DataCloud Platform accurately detects where faults, joints, and waste/ore boundaries are located at an unprecedented high-resolution, as holes are drilled. Your data can be easily exported to block models or third party software, aiding in blast planning. By delivering the right sized rock to your mill and knowing what the ratio of ore and waste is for any given blast pattern, mining companies can see significant increases in throughput, recovery, and revenue at their operations.

Other Possibilities with this Tech: a Better Block Model, Geostopping, Next Bench Predictions

A continuously updating, high-resolution block model is possible with the DataCloud Platform. Stopping the drill bit above coal seams is possible, and so too is predicting rock properties of the next bench to be drilled. It all starts with an IoT sensor installed on production drills. Sign up for our newsletters to receive more information or contact us today to find out how we can bring these to your mine site.

More Than Just a Sensor: Cloud Computing and Geology Specific Algorithms

The DataCloud Platform turns a complex process of measuring and analyzing rock data into a user-friendly log in. It is comprised of IoT sensors, edge computing devices, efficient distributed cloud computing architecture, and geology specific algorithms . These all work together to bring you a fast, reliable characterization of your orebody. To read more about IoT sensors as a stand alone, Taylor Short of Software Advice has and clear and quick article about them. In this article you can read several case studies from GoldCorp and Rio Tinto’s use of IoT sensors.

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