Leveraging Advanced Technologies to Dramatically Improve Mine Productivity and Profits

The growing global demand for base metals will drive mining to new levels of demand and ultimately growth. But, efficiently meeting this demand will pose a serious challenge for many mining companies, whose productivity has steadily declined during the past two decades. Too many operators have failed to embrace and implement powerful new technologies – such as data analytics, the cloud and artificial intelligence – that have the potential of driving significant improvements in the efficiency, productivity and profits of the mining industry.

When operating mines in remote locations, mining companies typically collect a lot of highly granular geoscience data, but ultimately under-leverage that valuable information. The problem is that this granular data tends to just sit on local computers and does not get used nearly to the extent or depth possible with today’s innovative software analytics tools. In addition, there is no effective way for the local mine engineers to share the data with their headquarters counterparts and collaborate on analyzing the information to gain critical insights into their mining operations and apply those insights to drive better results. More often than not, the data generated by each remote mine site ends up sitting in a technology silo, with little or no collaboration on how best to leverage and capitalize on it.

While it’s possible to build your own cloud-based data repository and analytics capabilities, this sophisticated technology is very expensive and time consuming and thus is beyond the ability and resources of many mining companies to implement. This is the challenge that DataCloud addressed and solved with its new MineMigrator service.

MineMigrator enables operators to seamlessly and easily migrate the mine site geoscience data to the cloud. Once the data is in the cloud, it can then be analyzed and collaborated on with headquarters’ technology teams. With MineMigrator, nothing is lost in translation from the mine environment to the efficient cloud. Having all of the data in one, highly secure cloud location leads to more meaningful conversations, which in turn allows for robust decision making on how best to maximize the mine’s operations, especially in fundamental drill and blast activities.

Importantly, MineMigrator allows operators to easily obtain insights from legacy data, and apply these learnings to improve the efficiency of ongoing and future operations.  MineMigrator helps mining companies to build and operate a smarter, more productive mine, while reducing the environmental impact and improving safety and compliance.

Capitalizing on these groundbreaking cloud and analytics technologies is easy with MineMigrator. DataCloud’s technology team does all of the heavy lifting to upload your data into the cloud and then create a platform where you can analyze, share and extract valuable insights from that data.

We invite you to learn more about DataCloud’s MineMigrator service. Click here to contact us and explore how MineMigrator can help you transform your mine technology infrastructure and start leveraging your mine site data to transform your economics and grow strongly.

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