MinePortal goes Underground at Trevali

connecting all geology data under one platform for mining industry clients to better production operations and outcomes
increasing throughput with advanced orebody knolwedge

DataCloud's MinePortal, a connected orebody knowledge platform, has evolved into a standalone solution to future-proof mine site's optimization projects during production. This software enables mining companies to tie crushing and grinding performance back to the block model to identify and implement D&B actions that increase production and reduce unit costs.

MinePortal remains the brains and aggregating system for RHINO, our seismic-while-drilling IoT sensor. It is the leading platform to analyze geo-tech data and create bench-scale models of structure and strength.

This exciting new application is being unleashed with Trevali, the most progressive underground miner in our industry. MinePortal is able to quickly and efficiently digitize the orebody, share it across multiple operations, and track and learn from mine to mill performance. It is a single-source of geology truth to break down knowledge silos and create a digital health monitoring system from the rock to mill at any mine.

Trevali is taking yet another step in its mission to be the world’s best sustainable underground mining company. Unleashing MinePortal will provide vast feedback applications across the value chain empowering their teams to make geology data-driven decisions. We will all be living up to their tagline, the future of mining.

Why Alter Production Plans According to Geology?

Deposits are continuously getting more challenging. Companies are digging deeper, grade is lower, and production costs are rising. Combating these issues within the thin area of opportunity, companies have to optimize operations and require the right rock intel at the right time. A mine that knows the rock, can achieve consistent, steady-state operations at its processing facilities.

Advancing Orebody Knowledge Advances Optimization

The pressures of competition, cost cutting, and improving productivity and throughput are driving a need for better and faster data analysis of a mine site’s geology. By characterizing the orebody with granularity all stages at the mine can optimize to deliver the proper particle size distribution and head grade to downstream processing facilities. Enter DataCloud solutions.

MinePortal connects to mine’s databases including, but not limited to, exploration drilling,  block models, drilling data, blast hole measurements, blast designs, and the comminution process to effectively integrate orebody knowledge from the pit all the way to the processing plant. Read more here.

Presenting at Mines and Technology, London 2019

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