Enable Orebody Knowledge Collaboration During this Challenging Time

MinePortal’s  Shelter-In Subscription is Available for One Dollar a Month

MinePortal's platform and functionality makes it easy to operate from anywhere, including home workstations and mobile devices. Integrating datasets helps achieve production goals by processing and correlating data from different stages to glean insights.

Work From Home Friendly:

  • Easy collaboration across dispersed teams   - share workflows instantly
  • Faster access to data via web-based logins - no file exchange with a slow VPN
  • Instant rendering time and multi-data overlay capabilities - cloud computing

Integration of Datasets from:

  • Block models (exploration data): to correlate against other data sets
  • Production blast hole drill data (hardness): to calculate Mechanical Specific Energy of block models for a high-resolution hardness indication
  • Assay (grade data): to correlate grade to block models and blasthole hardness

As our industry reels from the effects of the global slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we face an uncertain future. We don’t know how long this "new normal" will last, and while we respect the restrictions in place for the safety of all, we know that our clients want to continue to be as productive as possible during this unprecedented time. Most of all, they want to be ready for the “all-clear” moment to resume regular operations.
At DataCloud, we are doing everything we can to help our clients meet their production goals now and prepare to ramp-up operations once the worst of this global pandemic passes.

With that in mind, we have reduced pricing and onboarding hurdles for new clients to ensure their production teams are able to effectively collaborate from home. If you're facing budget constraints as a result of COVID-19, we can still help you reach your safety and production goals. From now until restrictions in your country are lifted, MinePortal’s  Shelter-In subscription is available for a dollar a month. Let's Talk

Our software was designed to enable remote work with an emphasis on helping teams intuitively collaborate. Think Google docs for geology, but with 3D visualization capabilities. Teams share views and can quickly identify important geological trends and predict processing facility performance in an easy-to-use, visual format.

MinePortal’s instant collaboration button saves entire workflows and visual mappings to send and share amongst teammates thousands of miles apart. If you’ve identified an issue and require a second opinion, you’re one click away from sharing it with a colleague.  Signoffs and approvals are now easier, and workflows speed up. 

Enabling cloud computing via browser login is faster than a VPN connection.  MinePortal delivers best in class speed, functionality and security powered by Microsoft's Azure cloud services. It allows you to access your data online, at any time. Even with a 3G connection, mine site operating data is streaming smoothly and geoscience data in MinePortal continuously updates. Whether  you are working from a laptop or tablet, performance and collaborative capabilities are greater than those provided by PC based software.

Ensuring You Are Well-Positioned to Safely and Efficiently Ramp-Up Operations Later

When the operational restrictions caused by COVID-19 are lifted, clients who began using MinePortal as part of this special offer will have the ability to seamlessly upgrade to the full version for total Mine-to-Mill optimization.

How MinePortal  Optimizes  from Mine-to-Mill to Increase Production:

As a small company, we too are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 slowdown, but we remain committed to providing value for our clients during these uncertain times. We are working remotely and are available to help you and your team get started with MinePortal for just $1 per month today.

To start the process with us on this offer, email us.  

Datacloud's response to covid-19

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