Presenting at Mines and Technology, London

mine to mill optimization with integrating massive data sets across the mining operations value chain each stage is bettered with data driven decision making

November 25th, 2019 - London - Business Design Centre

Hear from Krishna about how to use near real-time analysis of your orebody to your advantage. And how MinePortal is the connected orebody knowledge platform that will squeeze every efficiency out of a mine site’s operation and their deposit by helping mining teams truly know the rock. Integrating, processing, and analyzing all sources of orebody information extracts insights that will uncover optimization opportunities across the value chain.

Contact us to schedule a face to face meeting with Krishna during the conference. Or, if you can not make it to London another member of the DataCloud team can provide a web viewing demo of our platform’s capabilities.

Real-Time Analysis of Your Orebody: how a digitized and connected rock understanding optimizes production from mine to mill
Date: Monday November 25th, 2019
Time: 10:50 AM

Presenter Bio:

Krishna is an innovative data scientist with an impressive background in analytics, cloud architecture and artificial intelligence. He has designed and managed the implementation of numerous industrial company cloud platforms for which reliability, accuracy and scalability have been mandatory requirements. Krishna works very closely with DataCloud’s team of geoscience and drill and blast experts to convert their domain expertise into readily deployed technology that generates real-time answer products and solutions. He has a Masters Degree in Data Science and Industrial Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, in addition to an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.

Watch Krishna's Last Presentation from Mines and Technology Vancouver.

how mine portal works by integrating mine site data like assay models and drill data to give insights for better drill and blast operationsPresenting at memo cim kamloops 2019

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