What if we could improve your feed grade by 0.5%?

We can, with short interval GRADE control.
Our hybrid digital solution of short interval control and grade control helps teams stay on track to their grade plans and quickly adapt when grade goes off-spec.
Are you waiting till the end of the week (or month) to know if your grade is on target?
Do you have enough checkpoints in your operations to manage grade effectively?
Do you have frequent enough reporting to adapt grade control plans efficiently?
Delivering the grade as planned requires a digital workflow that engages team members to frequently review grade data to know where to focus their efforts that will improve performance.

DataCloud custom builds this needed digital workflow that helps teams course-correct easier and faster. It's known as short interval control.

Improving your feed grade by 0.5% is achievable because we support your efforts with automated shift and reconciliation reporting, alert notifications when grade has deviated, and a mobile app to create digital checkpoints for operator input. Departments confidently make decisions with real-time grade control and identify the best path forward to correct the issue before it affects recovery.

Our dashboards provide a clean interface for reviewing vital daily, weekly, and monthly grade trends. Each department can log on to MinePortal via any browser and check on grade from any point in time - last shift or last year.

FieldPortal digitally fills in any data gaps between departments, and MinePortal tracks grade through departments. Our digital solutions eliminate redundant data entry and tedious analysis. With DataCloud as your digital partner, you'll increase the accuracy and speediness of reports while decreasing the hours of work required to report.

Our mission is to diagnose geology, production, and performance in one platform to enable continuous improvements for all departments. Our platform is a digital skeleton to optimize the entire site.

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Short Interval Grade Control PDF
An infographic of all the datasets that a mine site needs to cross analyze to make data driven decisions from the mine to the mill to increase revenue.
3 mineportal features that keep operations smooth
“It’s no small challenge to interpret mountains of data and to recognize and present the important information in a digestible way.”
- Katherine Moore, Business in Vancouver

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