'States' Offers Miners a Stress-Free Weekly Production Meeting

Unite your team in one platform with one powerful button. Spend more time planning how to meet production goals and less time scrambling to report on the data.

States is a collaboration feature inside MinePortal, a software dedicated to making data management and analysis user-friendly for miners. With just a click of a button, you can save, share, or load previously worked on datasets in 3D, as shown above.

Team members can zoom in on a specific bench, filter data to highlight a particular production or planning concern, and instantly share their essential findings with any teammate, anywhere.

MinePortal makes it easy to get supervisors, engineers, and geologists on the same page.

Consider the following scenario:

This week the mill suffered from lower throughput. Excessive fallback caused lower powder factors. Blastholes were not re-drilled to get the powder factor back up to design.

How does your team diagnose gaps in the mine's performance?

These types of issues are easier to discuss when everyone views the same data on the same platform. For a more in-depth analysis, your team can conduct a side by side comparison of production results and geology data with split views. Take a look at the below example and see how easy it is to identify the bottleneck with MinePortal.

Comparing three datasets from a mine site, powder factor, hardness, and crushability

MinePortal synchs the split views to an area of concern and shares these findings with your entire team. Everyone quickly diagnoses, explains, and learns from the above scenario.

As shown in the first graphic, split views comparing multiple datasets and properties can be saved and loaded using the States feature. This powerful combination enables your team to see why certain stages during production are not performing optimally and quickly get approval to course-correct.

Using States increases your team's collaboration by making the following improvements:

Reduced stress: streamline reporting by sharing States with your team on our cloud-native platform

Less repetition: daily incoming production data automatically updates your Saved States eliminating the need to create them again

Saved time: load previously worked on States to continue where you or a coworker left off to reduce tedious tasks

More Support. Less Stress.

When your team has collaborated all week, the production meeting is less stressful. MinePortal allows all parties to reference the block model with synched split views, access to each other's findings with States, and work with our experts behind the scene.

States enacts collaboration for the mine site team, corporate team, and the DataCloud support team. If you've come across an issue and need help between meetings, our production experts and data scientists work inside MinePortal on your area of concern with you.

More Planning. Less Repeating.

Because MinePortal automatically updates your data and models, you do not need to re-create the same States simply because your team has drilled or dug in a new area. Whether you are off-site or on-site, States are shareable with any crew member and correlate to custom dashboards of quantified data.

No more endless exporting, importing, or correcting reports between software and departments. Quickly load pertinent data to visualize and qualify your concerns.

Ready for a stress-free weekly production meeting?

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