Three MinePortal Features That Keep Operations Smooth

infographic connecting site wide data sets into a cloud solution

1. Keeping Teams on Track with Helpful Digital workflow components

MinePortal hosts dynamic dashboards for easy reporting and pushes notifications to your team when things go awry.

Stress-Free Reporting:
Quickly access automated reconciliation reports for your production meetings and make confident data-driven decisions.

Real-Time Alerts:
We enable short interval control. Operators receive an alert when their grade or blends are off-spec to quickly course-correct.

2. Upskilling your team with Behind-the-scenes data science

A subscription to MinePortal means you are in a digital partnership with DataCloud. A digital partnership means you can lean on us for the tedious but crucial big data tasks.

Data Maintenance:
Our data scientists take care of the complex data preparation process to support your digital transformation. Data structuring, cleaning, and connecting are the foundation for automation and analysis.

Machine Learning:
Our machine learning geologists tirelessly build and test new ways to spot geological and mine performance trends to optimize your operations further.

3. Supporting Team goals by Integrating the Right Datasets for the Right Insights

We cut through the noise of big data by analyzing and visualizing the intel that will get you closer to your goals. Below are two examples.

Blast Intelligence: blast hole drill and crusher data
Blasting teams use our down-the-hole hardness analyzations to achieve a better fragmentation size while saving costs on explosives.

Blend Intelligence: fleet, grade, and mill data
Planners and mill operators use our blend risk profiles and blend predictions to achieve steady-state throughput.

An Overview of DataCloud
An infographic of all the datasets that a mine site needs to cross analyze to make data driven decisions from the mine to the mill to increase revenue.
achieve more by tracking ore
“It’s no small challenge to interpret mountains of data and to recognize and present the important information in a digestible way.”
- Katherine Moore, Business in Vancouver

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