Two 2020 Digital Transformation Success Stories

It's an understatement to call 2020 "a rough year." The lockdowns were incredibly stressful for many, including our clients who were in the middle of digital transformation pushes. They still needed to meet their production goals and monitor their site remotely. We were ready to help them meet those goals and keep production planning on track.

Below are two success stories from this year and how we used a hybrid approach to ensure success.

Mine to Mill Optimization - Copper, Open Pit

MinePortal was used to integrate, model, and predict potential mill delays and recovery loss.

Optimization unlocked an opportunity to increase production by 700k tons annually, an estimated $20M of additional revenue.  

Data processed and integrated from key production sources showed a specific ore blend was causing mill disruptions. To locate which blend was causing the most harm, we used production drilling data to augment geologic hardness models, combined all in-pit sources into one system, and used machine learning on stockpile data. Teams can now plan and predict optimal ore blends and schedules for increased throughput and recovery.

Digitizing Operator Input - Zinc, Underground

We developed a bespoke digital product and deployed it into production​ within six weeks.

After three months, our application had improved productivity at the mine by 20%, which continues to rise.

We developed FieldPortal after our discovery team found limited data infrastructure with a reliance on paper input from operators for critical decisions. Our application immediately increased management visibility into operations. Instant reporting on production at the end of each shift allowed supervisors and captains to act on operator scheduling for the next shift quickly.

The Key to Their Success - Our Hybrid Approach

Venn diagram of a DataCloud hybrid approach; we develop digital solutions, we apply data science and we know mining.

Learn more about our hybrid approach here.

DataCloud is committed to assisting clients on their digital transformation path. We are so proud of our clients pivoting to new ways of continuing their digital progress under new safety protocols. We look forward to helping them continue their improvement in 2021.  

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