Case Studies

We develop digital solutions, we apply data science, and we know mining. Our hybrid approach is the key to our clients' success.

Mine to Mill Optimization
Open Pit, Copper

DataCloud integrated geology and production data to identify an annual $20M opportunity at a copper mine. Our software and data science services help recover additional copper, potentially 700K tons per year.

DataCloud Coal Seem detection void detection mineportal digital twin
Automating the Analysis of Production Drilling Data

There are plenty of data points during the production cycle to offer a drill and blast team a robust and accurate account of their ever-changing geology, but this data is locked away, siloed and unprocessed.

BlastHole Drill Data Analysis production improvements in mining
Increasing Coal Seam Detection’s Speed and Reliability

Identifying geological structures during production, such as the coal seam, can remedy the loss of productivity from complexity. With the deployment of orebody knowledge tools, production drilling data...

DataCloud Coal Seem detection void detection mineportal digital twin
A Connected Orebody Knowledge Platform

Mining teams will make better, faster production decisions that impact downstream if they are able to access these insights in time to make a difference. Integrating, processing, and analyzing all sources of orebody information extracts insights...

DataCloud MinePortal digital twin for your mining operations
"It’s no small challenge to interpret mountains of data and to recognize and present the important information in a digestible way."
Katherine Moore, Business in Vancouver