As the only company of its kind in the world, DataCloud delivers high-resolution rock mass characterization data to our clients in real-time. Our innovative platform comes from the minds of world-class experts in advanced E&P subsurface evaluation, seismic while drilling techniques, D&B operations, cloud architects, and machine learning geologists.

Our insatiable curiosity and passion for the industry inspired us to explore ways to leverage advanced technology to help clients get the most from their mines. We hail from seven countries and have extensive knowledge of mining operations worldwide. But we’re always learning and investigating new opportunities to revolutionize the industry.

“We chose DataCloud because of their visionary approach to subsurface evaluations."
Derek du Preez, Chief Technology Officer at Trevali

Global Innovation

DataCloud has active operations and offices worldwide.

Our Board of Directors

Thor Kallestad


John Beevers


Michael Parker

"Sounds like DataCloud is a really good platform for everyone to get on the same page, to have clear decisive information, which comes down to having clear communications between all parties."
Peter Finn, Full Production