It depends on which datasets are relevant to your goals. We've seen great results analyzing:

Blast Hole Drill Data

Powder Factor

Dig Rates

Crusher Amps

SAG / Ball Mill

Operator Input

Grade Assays

Geological Block Models

After we analyze and visualize your data, you will have:

In situ hardness and grade tracked through the mine

Quickly see what went wrong and automated reporting for production meetings

Monitored ore performance and notifications when off spec

Drill performance monitoring and comparisons

Blend plan risks and predictions

Site-wide cost analysis

All results work towards increasing production, while reducing costs:

Collaboration between departments

Course-correct when performance is off spec

Save time explaining why performance was off spec

Save costs while increasing recovery

Better shareholder information and predictions

If you've got data, we have a solution.

Open Pit


Base & Precious Metals


Iron Ore


Our digital solutions are active at producing mines.


If you're building a site, contact us to help ensure your digital solutions will help your crews once you begin production

If you're in the exploration phase contact us to help digitally capture your data and build a single source of truth

Everyone has access.

Mine Managers


Drill and Blast Engineers

Mill Engineers


Tech Service Managers

No worries, we built FieldPortal for that.

FieldPortal is a digital reporting application

Enter the data once and it populates everywhere else it should be

A proper tool for daily mine tracking

It depends on your goals. We've seen great results analyzing:

Rate of Penetration






All of them, but we mostly work with data from:





Yes, we work alongside many, including ones from:





No, we work alongside your D&B software and fill in its gaps:

Down the hole measurements

Integrate all drill systems

Performance tracking

Performance predictions

To take steps out of your workflow:

APIs & partnerships to pull data in from any system or software

APIs & partnerships to send data and analyzations out to any system or software

A single source of truth that provides a collaboration space for all metrics to be analyzed and visualized

Yes, its required somewhere on site.

It doesn't need to be the fastest most reliable service, but your site does need WiFi.

We built FieldPortal to accommodate underground mines with spotty connectivity, it has online/offline capabilities.

Tell us your main goal and what sources of data you have access to.

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