Lindsey R. Miller

Director of Marketing and Business Development


Lindsey's marketing mission is to make mining just as cool as space exploration. Her varied background in multi-channel B2B digital marketing assists her current position; be a beacon for the value that DataCloud’s proven technology brings to production operations. Her grandmother worked for Anadarko and was a member of the Association of Desk and Derrick Club. Communicating the extraction industry's innovation and importance is in her roots. She has a passion for being on the cusp of transformation. Lindsey prioritizes staying curious, listening, and doing better together.

In the Media

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Engineering & Mining Journal: Data-driven Drilling Diminishes Deviation
Canadian Mining Mag:The Massive Shift in Mind for a Digitized Orebody to be Common at the Mine
Canadian Mining Mag: Mining is Just As Cool as Space Exploration
Canadian Mining Mag: Canadian Mining's Future Depends on Millennials and Diversity
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