The Results are In. RHINO™ Knows the Rock!

DataCloud's RHINO™ Sensors are Delivering Real-Time, High-Resolution Subsurface Knowledge

Nov 1, 2018 – Seattle, WA – The ability to economically attain high-resolution, real-time subsurface knowledge is here. The mining industry can now access a continually updating geophysical model in a production drill setting. DataCloud has developed a platform that enables users to receive and analyze data which was previously unavailable with legacy sensors and computing systems.

RHINO™ is the IoT enabled autonomous geophysics sensor portion of the DataCloud platform. A “set and forget” simple device mounted on production drills that measures rock properties. Then streams the information via powerful cloud computing to DataCloud's artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms transforming the data into actionable insights. All clients data, insights, and visualizations can be used within the platform's software or for export via API to third-party software.

Over the past few months, DataCloud has been rolling out RHINO™ sensors in a variety of geologies, primarily in Australia and Canada. The results have been phenomenal. DataCloud has three proven applications: grade detection and joint identification in banded iron formations, fracture identification and RQD determination in porphyry deposits, and loss prevention and geostopping above seams in metallurgical coal. All results in real-time. All delivered to clients via a browser or mobile device.

Download RHINO™ DataSheet for details

DataCloud presented the importance of this high-resolution orebody knowledge at the Future Of Mining 2018 in Denver.

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