Beyond MWD: Improved Rock Mass Characterization

Blast holes are drilled all day, every day. They are loaded with explosives so operators can create the right sized rock to send downstream for processing. What if, without adding an extra step, operators could access high-resolution, accurate geological data before loading explosives and planning their next pattern?

This enhanced understanding of your orebody, in real-time, would drive economic growth and refine optimization. Mines could improve fragmentation profiles, increase production, and cut costs. DataCloud brings about this transformation with better rock measurements and accurately analyzing comprehensive subsurface datasets.

Why the MWD data from your blast hole drills is not sufficient:

Monitor while drilling sensors (MWD) were designed to track drill systems for health and maintenance, not for deriving rock properties while drilling. The specific energy-based measurements from MWD sensors are not direct measurements of the rock; they are heavily influenced by drilling parameters.  Hence, the utility of these measurements for orebody characterization purposes is limited.

How data from our IoT sensors and cloud computing platform differ:

They are a direct measurement of rock properties, independent of drilling parameters

Our measurements are recorded at centimeter level resolution for superior orebody understanding  

We provide multiple rock properties in real-time, before you drill the next blast hole

We aggregate our modern measurements with the mine’s legacy datasets

We deliver orebody visualization, single source of truth orebody knowledge, next-bench projections, dynamic burden and spacing, and continuously updating block models

The benefits of superior orebody knowledge:

Improved Recovery

Enhanced Grade Control

Increased Throughput

Lower costs

Accelerated Cycle Times

Reduced Dilution

Stronger Social License to Operate

"About 80% of [mining] failures, of not getting what we expected in projects, comes from one very specific thing: our limited understanding of what exactly is in the ground and where".

- Roussos Dimitrakopoulos, Research Chair (Tier I) in Sustainable Mineral Resource Development and Optimization under Uncertainty, and Director, COSMO - Stochastic Mine Planning Laboratory

Watch our team explain where our technology steps in to give a clear picture of orebodies at Mines and Technology Vancouver.

Presenting at Mines and technology Vancouver

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