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Since we can not meet in person at these beloved events we welcome you to join us in the online conversations about progressing mining. Our spring presentations with CIM and METS will highlight how to use data from the primary crusher. It is a reliable and continuous proxy for blast performance and predicts mill throughput. Tracking 'crushability' optimizes blasting and blending. Integrating geology, D&B, ore control, haulage, and primary crusher data in cloud-based software enables the right insights at the right time to alter plans according to incoming geology. Find out how MinePortal can optimize production stages from the drill to the mill for continuous improvement and drive data decision making for teams. Knowledge in Operations: The Dataset that Just Keeps Giving

In designing to the average body, the Air Force had built a cockpit that fit no one. Just as there is no such thing as an average pilot, there is no such thing as an average rock. Read more about this in the Canadian Mining Magazine article written by North Jones, Business Solutions Consultant for DataCloud. Jones comes from the mining operations side to the industry and has always been focused on large scale improvement projects. In 7 years on site at Teck he implemented projects across a variety of roles and generated millions in savings as a short term planning engineer and a drill and blast engineer. DataCloud Volunteering at NonProfits During COVID19

During moments of crisis nonprofits are the first organizations people turn to for help and the first to lose funding when the economy struggles. Several of our team members are doing their part with various nonprofits during these unprecedented times. There are many groups in society who will be hit harder by the outbreak. We know that is true of older people and those with underlying health conditions, but it also true for those who are vulnerable from not having opportunities to stay well; secure work and housing, access to physical and mental healthcare, and a network of friends and family. Here is how some of the DataCloud team plans to help.‍'s Shelter-in Subscription is Available for a Dollar a Month

At DataCloud, we are doing everything we can to help our clients meet their production goals now and prepare to ramp-up operations once the worst of this global pandemic passes. With that in mind, we have reduced pricing and onboarding hurdles for new clients to ensure their production teams are able to effectively collaborate from home. If you're facing budget constraints as a result of COVID-19, we can still help you reach your safety and production goals. From now until restrictions in your country are lifted, MinePortal’s Shelter-In subscription is available for just $1 a month.'s Response to COVID-19

Doing our part to flatten the curve is the least we could do. The foundation to our company was already work-from-home friendly. Team meetings were regularly online, and our solutions are remote operable. It is physically easy for us to shelter-in. But, as the stories flooded in from our loved ones who work in restaurants and hospitals, our privileges were highlighted. We knew we needed to do more. We are doing our part to address the anxiety and loneliness that comes up during these times. Other than making sure employees reach out when they have concerns, we’d like to make sure all of us have the tools needed to mentally survive this. Void Detection for Historic Underground Workings

Mining through old underground workings is dangerous when voids in the subsurface go undetected. Relying on manual logging from a drill operator to mark one of these holes is a time-consuming process and too often leads to inconsistent and slow reporting. Mine sites significantly improve safety if teams are immediately alerted to the presence and properties of voids and are able to alter their plans accordingly. Leveraging MinePortal's ability to rapidly process drilling data and automate detections of geological features, DataCloud is increasing safety at the mine. This is a step-change improvement for operations... Bottom Line: People, Partnerships, and Platforms

‍Digital strategies are at the forefront of today's progressive mining companies. We have heard the innovation stories of large mining organizations like BHP, Rio Tinto, Vale, Barrick, Golcorp, and Glencore from mining publications like, CIM, PDAC, and the Northern Miner. But, what about the junior and mid tier miners? Where are they innovating and how are they getting senior management from operations, finance, geology and HR to support significant investments in people - partnerships - and platforms? What was the business case that impacts their AISC and ESG targets? Energy Cost Per Ton of Blasting is Far Less Than the Energy Cost Per Ton of Crushing

Optimize ore blending to further increase mill throughput by utilizing the primary crusher as a location-based proxy for blast fragmentation and an indicator of crusher circuit efficiency.​ Mine to mill optimization relies on the ability to monitor how a specific block of ore impacts the mill. DataCloud uses the Primary crusher as a proxy for rock hardness, fragmentation size and overall mill performance. Goes Underground at Trevali

DataCloud's MinePortal, a connected orebody knowledge platform, has evolved into a standalone solution to future-proof mine site's optimization projects during production. This exciting application is being unleashed with Trevali, the most progressive underground miner in our industry. Using MinePortal will provide vast feedback applications across the value chain empowering their teams to make geology data-driven decisions. at Mines and Technology, London 2019

DataCloud's Chief Technology Officer, Krishna Srinivasan, presents on MinePortal, the connected orebody knowledge platform that will squeeze every efficiency out of a mine site’s operation and their deposit by helping mining teams truly know the rock. Integrating, processing, and analyzing all sources of orebody information extracts insights that will uncover optimization opportunities across the value chain. at MEMO CIM Oct 22 2019

Steven Putt, Director of Mining Software Solutions, will be presenting a technical overview of how the analysis and visualization of production data are connecting orebody knowledge to planners, geologists, and engineers across a mine site. Knowing the rock at all stages will identify key geological properties and variances needed to lead successful optimization initiatives. and Seismology

DataCloud’s highest value rests in our agile, expert team members behind the technology. For some insight on the characters that make our organization innovative and powerful, meet Jamie. A seismologist and professor at Berkeley by day and jazz pianist by night. However different these passions may seem, Jamie points out that they are actually rooted in the same interests; sound and skill. “Geophysics or seismology is sound in the ground. I play piano, jazz piano, and that’s sound in the air. But its still sound.”

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