DataCloud Blog'States' Offers Miners a Stress-Free Weekly Production Meeting

Unite your team in one platform with one powerful button. Spend more time planning how to meet production goals and less time scrambling to report on the data. States is a collaboration feature inside MinePortal, a software dedicated to making data management and analysis user-friendly for miners. With just a click of a button, you can save, share, or load previously worked on datasets in 3D, as shown above. Team members can zoom in on a specific bench, filter data to highlight a particular production or planning concern, and instantly share their essential findings with any teammate, anywhere. Our Mine to Mill Tracking Solution Unlocks $20 Million at a Mid-Size Hard Rock Mine

A copper/gold mine that produces ~35M tonnes annually could have a yearly value opportunity upwards of $20 million if the mine can increase production and reduce costs. Optimizing from the mine to the mill unlocks efficiency at every stage and thus this the $20 million. Our software can open up 30% of that $20 million by the end of the first year, which is a $5 million opportunity. MinePortal integrates all necessary data to find thresholds, bottlenecks, and best paths forward for blasting, blending, and processing. Our mine to mill optimization approach aims to reduce explosives cost for best fragmentation profile, blend optimally to increase throughput with the same amount of energy used at the mill, and reduce recycle rates. Blasting Article in CIM Magazine and the Concept of Zooming out

To zoom out on the effect blasting has on overall site costs, miners can use DataCloud’s MinePortal mine-to-mill software that plugs in data streams from each part of the operation and links them together in one place. "I think anyone can look at single-correlation factors, but it’s the interdependence between a number of factors that actually matters. It’s a lot harder for us as human beings to just look at data and see,” said @NorthJones, business solutions consultant with DataCloud. “Basically, our first step is bringing everything together and then looking for cause and effect.” material tracking through the coarse ore stockpile - yes, we can.

During a recent CIM Webinar, Steven Putt offered a solution for a common obstacle in mine to mill tracking; loss of information in the coarse ore stockpile prior to the grinding circuit. There is a wealth of information in the data that sits unprocessed and unconnected at mine sites. In this presentation he went into detail on how we use Machine Learning to reconcile timing differences from dumping ore into a primary crusher, to sitting in a stockpile, to when the ore goes through the rest of the mill. At the end of the presentation, some interesting questions were asked about the stockpile's viability to blend optimally. Webinar: Data-Driven Reconciliation - Integrating Drill and Blast with Truck Fleet and the Mill

We are excited to join Steven for an hour long live informational webinar with CIM. This is an extension from the METS tech talk in June. When the right data is integrated, and properly analyzed, it forecasts the geologic profile of material headed to the mill. These insights, at the right time, allow operations to prepare accordingly and optimize mill throughput. Rock properties and their behavior at each stage is hidden inside databases. Steven will present which data streams should be accessed to meet certain goals and what feedback loops are critical to efficiently meeting those goals. New CEO and A New Focus for DataCloud

DataCloud's mission has always been to help mine site teams exceed their production goals with our digital solutions. As part of our transition to a more software-forward company, with the goal to encompass data integration beyond orebody knowledge, our founder Thor Kallestad has stepped down. Krishna Srinivasan will now be taking on a larger leadership role as CEO. Using his deep technology background, he will guide us into a new era of developing digital solutions to meet larger digitization goals for mining companies. A few words from our new CEO, “As we turn our attention to enhancing our software platform, I am honored and excited to be leading this amazing team of experts. Our technologies are just beginning to unlock huge value for mining clients and their digitization goals, we have an exciting path forward.” Us for CIM & Austmine Virtual Presentations

Since we can not meet in person at these beloved events we welcome you to join us in the online conversations about progressing mining. Our spring presentations with CIM and METS will highlight how to use data from the primary crusher. It is a reliable and continuous proxy for blast performance and predicts mill throughput. Tracking 'crushability' optimizes blasting and blending. Integrating geology, D&B, ore control, haulage, and primary crusher data in cloud-based software enables the right insights at the right time to alter plans according to incoming geology. Find out how MinePortal can optimize production stages from the drill to the mill for continuous improvement and drive data decision making for teams. Knowledge in Operations: The Dataset that Just Keeps Giving

In designing to the average body, the Air Force had built a cockpit that fit no one. Just as there is no such thing as an average pilot, there is no such thing as an average rock. Read more about this in the Canadian Mining Magazine article written by North Jones, Business Solutions Consultant for DataCloud. Jones comes from the mining operations side to the industry and has always been focused on large scale improvement projects. In 7 years on site at Teck he implemented projects across a variety of roles and generated millions in savings as a short term planning engineer and a drill and blast engineer. DataCloud Volunteering at NonProfits During COVID19

During moments of crisis nonprofits are the first organizations people turn to for help and the first to lose funding when the economy struggles. Several of our team members are doing their part with various nonprofits during these unprecedented times. There are many groups in society who will be hit harder by the outbreak. We know that is true of older people and those with underlying health conditions, but it also true for those who are vulnerable from not having opportunities to stay well; secure work and housing, access to physical and mental healthcare, and a network of friends and family. Here is how some of the DataCloud team plans to help.‍'s Shelter-in Subscription is Available for a Dollar a Month

At DataCloud, we are doing everything we can to help our clients meet their production goals now and prepare to ramp-up operations once the worst of this global pandemic passes. With that in mind, we have reduced pricing and onboarding hurdles for new clients to ensure their production teams are able to effectively collaborate from home. If you're facing budget constraints as a result of COVID-19, we can still help you reach your safety and production goals. From now until restrictions in your country are lifted, MinePortal’s Shelter-In subscription is available for just $1 a month.'s Response to COVID-19

Doing our part to flatten the curve is the least we could do. The foundation to our company was already work-from-home friendly. Team meetings were regularly online, and our solutions are remote operable. It is physically easy for us to shelter-in. But, as the stories flooded in from our loved ones who work in restaurants and hospitals, our privileges were highlighted. We knew we needed to do more. We are doing our part to address the anxiety and loneliness that comes up during these times. Other than making sure employees reach out when they have concerns, we’d like to make sure all of us have the tools needed to mentally survive this. Void Detection for Historic Underground Workings

Mining through old underground workings is dangerous when voids in the subsurface go undetected. Relying on manual logging from a drill operator to mark one of these holes is a time-consuming process and too often leads to inconsistent and slow reporting. Mine sites significantly improve safety if teams are immediately alerted to the presence and properties of voids and are able to alter their plans accordingly. Leveraging MinePortal's ability to rapidly process drilling data and automate detections of geological features, DataCloud is increasing safety at the mine. This is a step-change improvement for operations...

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