Presenting at MEMO, CIM

October 22nd, 2019 - Kamloops, BC - Coast Hotel

Steven Putt will be presenting a technical overview of how the analysis and visualization of production data are connecting orebody knowledge to planners, geologists, and engineers across a mine site. Knowing the rock at all stages will identify key geological properties and variances needed to lead successful optimization initiatives. He'll explain how production growth is linked to rock mass intel and show how software can automate Measurement While Drilling (MWD) processing and geological modeling. He’ll also present a case where it was beneficial to add another data set; an IoT enabled Seismic While Drilling (SWD) sensor installed on the drill.

Improving upon MWD systems, SWD measures mechanical properties of the rock at incremental depths down a blast hole at a much higher resolution. SWD is also immune to common failures and inconsistencies of MWD such as operator and drill specific variation. Cleaning up your MWD data and leveraging rock property models are a game-changer on their own. However, including the data of an SWD device will offer a more accurate and granular look at your rock upon analysis.

The details of how this software and hardware use production data will be explored in the following scenarios:

Increasing throughout the mill with improved fragmentation profiles

Increasing dig rates by avoiding unplanned downtime from shovel breaks

Correlating over-costs to operational delays in certain stages of production

Contact us to schedule a face to face meeting with Steven during the conference. Or, if you can not make it to Kamloops another member of the DataCloud team can provide a web viewing demo of our platform’s capabilities.

Know the Rock: How advanced blast hole drilling sensors and cloud computing can transform your orebody knowledge.
Date: Tuesday, October 22nd
Time: 3:10 PM - 3:35 PM

Presenter Bio:

Steven, Director of Mining Software Solutions of DataCloud,  has optimized the blasting gamut; from blast technology, drill to mill, high precision blasting, to advanced vibration control. He uses his Mining and Minerals Engineering degree to its full extent with a passion for data management. His career began with BHP, developing processes to track equipment and material. He has experience with Dyno Nobel, Rio Tinto, Kinross, Orica, Barrick, Newmont, ArcelorMittal, and AngloAmerican. Steven has worked at over 40 mines across North America and Australia.Watch Steven's Last Presentation from Mines and Technology Vancouver.

Watch Steven's Last Presentation from Mines and Technology Vancouver.

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