Our Solutions to Increase Production

Automating Drilling Data Analysis
rock strength and structure mapping
Data-Driven Decision Making
alerting teams to geology changes
Machine Learning Geology Techniques
predicting the next bench or stope
Integrating Massive Mining Stage Datasets
tie processing behavior back to the ore block

Leveraging the Cloud to Drive
Real-Time Results

By reconciling all of your geology critical data in near real-time, mine planning teams receive updated orebody knowledge to make faster decisions that greatly impact a company's bottom line. Geology data-driven decision making for all teams with a single source of truth will identify ways to increase production. Through an intuitive user interface your massive mine site datasets are analyzed and insights are available in approachable ways. Applying our proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms in the cloud makes your insights available via browsers or mobile devices with a simple log in. We've partnered with many software companies to ensure your workflow is not disrupted and your data is securely available.

Using the Drill as a
Connected Sensor

Out compact RHINO IoT sensor package can be installed in minutes and measures a variety of previously unavailable rock properties. These seismic while drilling sensor devices are deployed on drills and collect measurements along every 1-centimeter of drilled blast hole, far exceeding the resolution possible with conventional MWD technology. Blast-critical subsurface information measured by this revolutionary tool includes compressional and shear moduli, compressive strength, density, velocity, and more. Such high-resolution insights enables highly accurate detection of waste boundaries, faults, fractures, and many grade indicators. Once data is recorded, it is streamed to MinePortal and analyzed to characterize your orebody.

Geology Specific Solutions:
Iron Ore, Met Coal, Metals

DataCloud’s geology specific solution sets have been designed to reduce operating pain points for some of the mining industry’s largest markets. Our integrated technology provides rock mass characterization data and real-time insights for iron ore, steelmaking coal, base metals, and precious metals. This includes grade proxy measurements for ore and waste boundary detection, geostopping above coal seams for loss avoidance, and next bench predictions to optimize burden and spacing.

To learn more about each individual solution set, read on for iron ore, met coal, or base metals.

Explore how to

Optimize your mine
"We take the streamed rock mass data from DataCloud into our ShotPlus design and modeling software, this allows us to interpret the data and then visualize and design different blast different sequences and model the
optimal blast outcomes. By measuring and optimizing each blast, you can sort the muck pile much faster, getting the waste rock out and the small ore into the the process stream, this is where the big benefits are delivered."
Angus Melbourne, CCO Orica