Base Metals Solutions Set

By determining the structure and strength of the orebody while drilling blast holes, clients are able to match explosive energy to geology and create the fragmentation profile they desire.  On top of this, with Next-Bench projections, burden and spacing for subsequent patterns can be optimized, yielding a significant reduction in drill and blast expenditures in the process.

Better fragmentation, inservice of improving throughput, with lower bomb costs, is the name of the game for base metals.  Because base metals typically exist at much lower concentrations than iron ore or met coal, detecting grade is difficult.  However, characterizing the mechanical properties of the rock mass for blasting purposes is not.  

Next-Bench assay or structure and strength predictions powered by geostatistics and machine learning
High-resolution subsurface visualization
Hardness, fracture identification, and Rock Quality Designation
High-resolution subsurface visualization
Multiple parameter, rock property export file for differential blasting and geotechnical purposes
High-resolution subsurface visualization
A high-resolution data viewer
High-resolution subsurface visualization
API connectivity with third party systems
High-resolution subsurface visualization

Our technology integrates the latest in IoT sensors, machine learning algorithms, and cloud-computing technology to support automation efforts and drive superior operating performance. All customer data can be used in the DataCloud Platform or exported to the third-party software of a client’s choosing.

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