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We Put Your Data to Work
We Put Your Data to Work

We consolidate all your data into one platform and set up a continuous flow of new data into every system. MinePortal unifies all systems to derive insights like never before.

Break Down Operational Silos for Collaboration
Break Down Operational Silos for Collaboration

Awareness of other department’s strategies and outcomes help team members make more informed decisions for the benefit of the entire mine and a company's bottom line.

A Visual Way to Understand Operational Metrics
A Visual Way to Understand Operational Metrics

A visible representation of the orebody, performance at every stage, and notifications of concern help team members make faster decisions.

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There is low transparency between departments since each stage operates independently and is measured separately. Integrating data from different equipment systems and department software is labor-intensive and takes away from operational duties. The volume of data that needs to be combined to align operations as a whole is overwhelming​ to handle.

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Benefits of Data Lab on MinePortal

"We've never had this level of visibility into our operations before - it's invaluable!"
- A happy customer using the Data Lab solution on our MinePortal platform.

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“It’s no small challenge to interpret mountains of data and to recognize and present the important information in a digestible way.”
- Katherine Moore, Business in Vancouver

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