Iron Ore

ore and waste boundaries iron ore the future of mining is all orebody data in one platform updated

We put advanced measurements and iron ore grade distribution analyses in the hands of mine planning teams while drilling blast holes. This real-time rock knowledge was the missing link to making faster planning decisions to drive recovery and production efforts. Clearly identifying rock properties and ore / waste boundaries improves fragmentation, lowers operating costs, and increases production.

Through continuous high-resolution rock mass characterization, we aim to improve recovery with every blast hole drilled.

Real-time modulus measurement from blast hole drills – a grade proxy
Surface file export that delineates ore / waste boundaries based on client specified cutoffs
Multiple parameter, rock property export file for differential blasting and geotechnical purposes
A high-resolution data viewer
API connectivity with third party systems

Our technology integrates the latest in IoT sensors, machine learning algorithms, and data compression to support automation efforts and drive superior operating performance. All customer data can be used in the DataCloud Platform or exported to the third-party software of a client’s choosing.

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