Metallurgical Coal

queenland coal void and seam detection datacloud mineportal drill data analytics and orebody knowledge

Our proven technology accurately detects the top of a coal seam before drilling into it. This results in a significant increase in coal recovery and accelerated cycle times. Our IoT measurements and rock mass interpretation while drilling blast holes yields automatically updating coal models. Our Met Coal Solution Set correctly identifies coal in real-time where MWD misclassifies it, and in doing so, provides mine planning teams with quicker and more cost effective blast hole measurements than from gamma ray tools.

Stop the drill bit above coal seams
Strata recognition in through seam blast holes
Surface file export that delineates coal / shale boundaries based on client specified cutoffs
Multiple parameter, rock property export file for through seam blasting and geotechnical purposes
A high-resolution data viewer
API connectivity with third party systems

Studies have shown that mines typically lose between 16-20% of their coal during open pit mining operations. If we reduce your met coal loss by 3%, that’s a savings of $21M a year – if your mine produces 7M tons a year with a strip ratio of 10x and a stripping cost of $10 per ton.

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