Connected Orebody Knowledge Platform

Helping mining teams truly know the rock, at the right time and scale, so they can make better, faster production decisions that greatly impact downstream. Integrating, processing, and analyzing all sources of orebody information extracts insights that will uncover optimization opportunities across the value chain. If such geology data is not sufficient, robust, or accurate enough, an IoT enabled sensor can be easily installed on the drill to deliver unprecedented high-resolution rock mass insights.

The platform is based on advanced digital technologies such as:

High-resolution holistic 3D visualizations
High-resolution subsurface visualization
Geostatistical algorithms, machine learning via cloud computing
Geostatistical algorithms, machine learning via cloud computing
IoT sensor systems and edge devices
IoT sensor systems and edge devices
next bench down predictions with machine learning geology high resolution geology models


This cloud-based software connects to a mine’s databases such as, but not limited to, exploration drilling, geo-modeling, production drilling data (MWD), blast design, and the comminution process to effectively integrate orebody knowledge from the pit all the way to the processing plant. The power of cloud computing allows MinePortal to ingest and process information in near real-time while applying our proprietary geostatistical and machine learning algorithms.

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Our blast hole measurements package is easily installed on production drills to enhance geology data right from the source. Vibration signatures in the drill steel are acquired via IoT enabled sensor devices and wirelessly transmit to an edge device in the cab. Initial processing is performed on the edge device prior to compressing the IoT data and streaming it to the cloud via cellular or WiFi networks to MinePortal for remaining analysis. 

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core samples match software machine learning geology results the future of mining
Core samples compared to RHINO measurements proving accuracy. Measurements are available while drilling blast holes.
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Microsoft Speed & Security

To enable a holistic geology monitoring system for your mine, Microsoft supports DataCloud's efforts with high speed data ingestion backed by world-class security. MinePortal being built atop Azure quickly and safely integrates all orebody-related data on the cloud to drive the “digital geology twin” that will help teams to predict the rock in near real-time.

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No Disruption, All Value

It is our mission to make advanced orebody knowledge data available to you with no disruption to your workflows. We want to make it easy for you to improve productivity, profitability, and safety, while lessening the environmental impact of your operations. Let's talk to find out where DataCloud can seamlessly fit into your workflow.

"One of the shifts that I see with this technology is being able to take things to a level of detail that has never been possible in the past."
Graeme Peters, TSE Orica
"I'd be more worried about what I don't know by not using the technology."
Cindy Collins, Mining Technology Partners