We Develop Digital Solutions
We Develop Digital Solutions

No matter how far along you are on your digital transformation path, we can assist. From mobile data capture to applying machine learning, we've got your data needs covered.

We Apply Data Science
We Apply Data Science

Your geology and production data is unified and analyzed by our data integration specialists, machine learning geologists, mining engineers, and industry experts. We have partnerships with tech giants like Microsoft for the latest and greatest capabilities and security.

We Know Mining
We Know Mining

We tailored our solutions for mining-specific workflows and data; exploration, grade control, drill and blast, fleets, crushers, the mill, and more. We identify which geological features and performance factors are causing bottlenecks.

next bench down predictions with machine learning geology high resolution geology models

Our Hybrid Approach in PDF

Three Solutions Customers Love on our software MinePortal:

Unifying all systems and operations for site-wide optimization.

Achieve interoperability

Visually understand operations

A cloud-based collaboration space

Maximize throughput by optimizing blast performance.

Combine different drill systems' data

Automate updates to geological models

Predict the next bench down

Consistent mill performance with optimized ore blending.

Real-time ore control monitoring

In-pit stockpile modeling

Notify the mill when thresholds are crossed

Microsoft Speed & Security

Microsoft supports DataCloud's efforts with high-speed data ingestion and world-class security. MinePortal quickly and safely integrates all mine site data on Azure to enable a holistic monitoring system for your mine.

Azure Marketplace

Tons of Value, Minimal Disruption

Our mission is to improve your operations' visibility, productivity, and profitability with minimal disruptions in your workflow. We build and implement digital solutions in harmony with your processes.


“We chose DataCloud because of their visionary approach to subsurface evaluations."

Derek du Preez, Chief Technology Officer at Trevali
"I'd be more worried about what I don't know by not using the technology."
Cindy Collins, Mining Technology Partners

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