Speed Up Reporting to Boost Production

Digitize Data Capture
Digitize Data Capture

Increase confidence in reports by digitally collecting shift data. No more handwritten forms or wasted time transcribing when our application is deployed at your mine site on tablets and phones.

Automate Reporting
Automate Reporting

Data is organized in the cloud and dispersed into various workflow systems. PowerBI dashboards can be generated immediately with incoming data.

Data-Driven Decisions
Data-Driven Decisions

Reports and insights are sent to key stakeholders at the right time to make faster decisions. Even remote team members can collaborate to improve operational planning and productivity.

next bench down predictions with machine learning geology high resolution geology models

Identify Improvement Opportunities

FieldPortal's digital integration technologies enable teams to make more informed production decisions, faster.

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FieldPortal is Active at Rosh Pinah Mine

DataCloud's partnership with Trevali, the Future of Mining, includes digitizing the production management process.

Digital Transformation Benefits

Managers receive automated performance reports at the end of each shift.

Supervisors alter plans according to the shift before them.

Teams can even view reports remotely to prepare before their arrival to the site.

ore and waste boundary detection

Optimize Further

This digital data can be seamlessly integrated into other DataCloud technologies to further optimize operations.


Used in conjunction with MinePortal, the data collected will automatically update geological models and predict the way processing facilities will respond to the rock.

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Microsoft Speed & Security

To deliver a holistic monitoring system for your mine, we built our technologies in partnership with Microsoft. Our PowerBI application, SaaS platform, and IoT device are backed by world-class security and high speed data ingestion capabilities. Safely deploying data solutions is top priority for Microsoft and DataCloud.

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No Disruption, All Value

Our mission is to make advanced orebody knowledge data available to you with no disruption to your workflows. We make it easy for you to improve productivity, profitability, and safety. We've partnered with mining data management companies to ensure we seamlessly fit into your workflows. Let's talk to find out where we can help.


“We chose DataCloud because of their visionary approach to subsurface evaluations."

Derek du Preez, Chief Technology Officer at Trevali
"I'd be more worried about what I don't know by not using the technology."
Cindy Collins, Mining Technology Partners