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Digitize Data Capture
Digitize Data Capture

Enable short interval control by digitally collecting shift data. Our app saves crew members hours of work each day and increases the accuracy of reports.

Automate Reporting
Automate Reporting

Operator reports are automatically analyzed after each shift and sent to necessary crew members immediately. This automation eliminates manual data entry and re-entry.

Data-Driven Decisions
Data-Driven Decisions

With real-time visibility into their operations, managers, geologists, and technicians shift from reactive to proactive. This shift helps them make confident decisions to improve production.

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FieldPortal is Active at Trevali Mines

DataCloud's partnership with Trevali, the Future of Mining, includes digitizing the production management process with FieldPortal.


Managers receive automated performance reports at the end of each shift.

Supervisors alter plans according to the shift before them.

Teams can even view reports remotely to prepare before their arrival to the site.

Read here the details of how we work alongside CTO Derek du Preez's larger digital transformation ecosystem.
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Optimize Further

Used in conjunction with MinePortal's Blast and Blend Intelligence solutions, the data collected with FieldPortal will automatically update geological models and predict the way processing facilities will respond to the rock.

More info on MinePortal

Microsoft Speed & Security

Microsoft supports DataCloud's efforts with high-speed data ingestion and world-class security. MinePortal quickly and safely integrates all mine site data on Azure to enable a holistic monitoring system for your mine.

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Tons of Value, Minimal Disruption

Our mission is to improve your operations' visibility, productivity, and profitability with minimal disruptions in your workflow. We build and implement digital solutions in harmony with your processes.


“We chose DataCloud because of their visionary approach to subsurface evaluations."

Derek du Preez, Chief Technology Officer at Trevali
"I'd be more worried about what I don't know by not using the technology."
Cindy Collins, Mining Technology Partners

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