Our IoT Sensor Delivers:

Seismic-While-Drilling Technology
Seismic-While-Drilling Technology

RHINO uses advanced signal processing and machine learning algorithms to transform vibrations from drilling into strength, structure, and grade of rock - in real-time.

Accurate Geological Detection
Accurate Geological Detection

RHINO provides incremental high-resolution measurements that far exceed the accuracy and resolution of averaged rock mass characterization from exploration drilling.

"Set and Forget" Package
"Set and Forget" Easy to Install Package

Our compact sensor device is installed in minutes on a production drill string above the deck. It has a long lasting battery and requires minimal maintenance.

next bench down predictions with machine learning geology high resolution geology models

Enhance Your Orebody Knowledge

Unlock real-time geoscience for data-driven decision making.

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Plug and Play Integration with MinePortal

MinePortal simultaneously receives, analyzes, and interprets this high-resolution RHINO data in real-time.


Once in MinePortal, your subsurface insights are cross analyzed with other data streams during production.

Operators can seamlessly leverage machine learning techniques to detect geological trends, inform the mill of incoming rock, and generate next bench projections.

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ore and waste boundary detection


Measures Rock Properties
Measures Rock Properties

Compressive strength, modulus, velocity, and density

Accurately Detects
Accurately Detects

Joint spacing, fractures and faults, lithology changes, grade indicators, and ore/waste boundaries

Proven Environments
Proven Environments

Hard rock, fractured copper/gold porphyry, soft iron ore, hard taconite, banded iron formations, coal, mudstone, sandstone

next bench down predictions with machine learning geology high resolution geology models

Microsoft Speed & Security

To deliver a holistic monitoring system for your mine, we built our technologies in partnership with Microsoft. Our PowerBI application, SaaS platform, and IoT device are backed by world-class security and high speed data ingestion capabilities. Safely deploying data solutions is a top priority for Microsoft and DataCloud.

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No Disruption, All Value

Our mission is to make advanced orebody knowledge data available to you with no disruption to your workflows. We make it easy for you to improve productivity, profitability, and safety. We've partnered with mining data management companies to ensure we seamlessly fit into your workflows. Let's talk to find out where we can help.


"By measuring and optimizing each blast, you can sort the muck pile much faster, getting the waste rock out and the small ore into the process stream, this is where the big benefits are delivered."

Angus Melbourne, CCO Orica
"One of the shifts that I see with this technology is being able to take things to a level of detail that has never been possible in the past."
Graeme Peters, TSE Orica